The Nitty Gritty

Health and safety: We take the safety of all our guests very seriously. Bear in mind that we operate out of former farm buildings with uneven surfaces, steps and trip hazards. The land around us is uneven and although there are many level parts on the Farm access to them will require assistance for those who have mobility issues. If you are concerned about mobility, do contact us before arrival and we will endeavour to assist. Regrettably much of the Farm is not wheelchair friendly (gravel paths and tall grasses are difficult to navigate in a wheelchair), but there are concreted areas where wheel chairs will go with appropriate assistance. If you become aware of any areas which you are concerned about when visiting us, please let us know to ensure that we are able to take all appropriate steps to improve access.

Parking: When the number of vehicles exceeds eight, parking is on a field adjoining the Pavilion. Parking at Woodlands Farm Wales is undertaken entirely at the risk of the vehicle’s owner and you should be aware that in very damp weather the ground becomes soft and some cars might become bogged. We suggest that if you have a car that is not suitable for off road driving that you do not park in the field unless the ground is dry and firm. Ask for details if you are concerned.

Noise: We live in a rural area without immediate neighbours and so noise is not a big issue, but loud music travels far at night. We respect our neighbours and so music and loud noise in the Dutch Barn must cease at 11pm, but music and dancing may continue in the Pavilion until 1am provided the external doors to the Pavilion are kept closed at all times after 11pm and music levels are kept to a reasonable volume. No fireworks or other explosive entertainment or bangers are allowed as they frighten farm animals in adjoining fields and will not be tolerated by local farmers.

Animals: We love animals. So much so that we have cats, Gertie and Mortimer the dogs,
Pygmy goats, chickens and sheep on the Farm. Visiting dogs are allowed with prior consent (but not otherwise, under any circumstances) and subject to our receiving satisfactory undertakings from every dog owner that their dog is well trained and will not worry chickens, sheep, goats, cattle, horses or cats and will not be aggressive towards our very good natured dogs. If we have any concerns please respect our request for your dog either be kept on a lead at all times or locked in a well ventilated vehicle.

Children: Children are welcome to visit the gardens, as the gardens were designed with children in mind, provided minors are properly supervised at all times and do not chase, torment or otherwise worry any animals. There are two ponds on the Farm and other areas where small children must be watched (such as on the viewing platform) and parents must take full responsibility for ensuring their children are not allowed near the ponds or on the platform unless a parent is present at all times.

Money: For events, we will agree a fee once we know the date and extent of the event contemplated. If material input is required from us in addition to providing the venue there will be a further fee to cover our time, but that will be agreed ahead of any event. We do require a 20% deposit to secure the venue and the balance no fewer than 28 days prior to the date of the event. We regret an event cannot go ahead unless full payment is received in advance for the venue hire, regardless of whether commitments have been made to others. All contracts with caterers and other suppliers will be made with the host direct (you contract and we do not take any ‘cut’).  Any cancellation will result in a cancellation fee of up to the full deposit, depending on whether a replacement event can be secured on the same day at a commensurate fee. Cancellation within 6 weeks of the event will result in the full fee for the venue hire being payable.