The Pottery

Ceramics are Charlie’s passion. He took up throwing (think The Great Pottery Throw Down) in 2016 and loved it so much that he has created a pottery studio in the coach house at Woodlands Farm Wales. He can generally be found in the pottery, when not compelled to work elsewhere on the Farm, working on his creations and honing his skills.

For Charlie the wheel is his preferred tool. His ambition is to create pots which are beautiful in form and decorated with glazes he has created from base materials and fired in one of his two kilns (one gas, the other electric). His aim being to create unique pieces that are both useful and a joy to own.

Although a newcomer to the world of ceramics, Charlie has started to sell his work and intends to sell more. His ceramics are currently available for use by our guests in The Stripy Bothy and Barn and in The Enclosure at Woodlands Farm..